European Illustrations


34 works: 20 artists: 15 countries: spanning from 1863 to 1984

Images of mischievous satyrs, ethereal mermaids, and spell-casting witches in published tales of horror, adventure, and fantasy- from Don Quixote and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to works by Edgar Allan Poe and H.G. Wells.

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She Had Trod Many Sicilian Fields

William R. Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969) 1910 Watercolor, glazed 9.75 x 12.75” E.5.1 A Monody: O' easy access to the hearer's grace / When Dorian shepherds sang to Proserpine! / For she herself had trod Sicilian fields / She knew the Dorian's water's gush divine, / She knew each lily white which Enna yields, / Each rose with blushing face! Originally published in The Scholar Gipsy * Thyrsis, a poem by Matthew Arnold, London: Philip Lee Warner, 1910, illus. p. 55.

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