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Jaschik Álmos
(Hungarian, 1885-1950)
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Álmos was a Hungarian graphic artist, craftsman, painter, designer, and teacher. A contributor to the Art Nouveau movement, his independent graphic artwork and his early illustrations reflect the decorative drawing style and ornamentation of Art Nouveau blended with the repetition and intense detail of Hungarian folk art. As a graphic artist, he was primarily an illustrator. His illustrations are characterized by monumental figures and mythical scenes; dense, elaborate, and picturesque compositions.


Álmos played a leading role in developing ornament-based art teaching. He worked out his theory about the spiritual origins of the ornament during his years of teaching and published his thoughts on the problems of pedagogy. He introduced the use of projection in stage-sets in Hungary and worked as the stage designer of the National Theatre from 1935. He was also an accomplished textile and costume designer and, in this media, the influence of Japanese artistic traditions on Álmos’ style is perhaps most notable.

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