The Korshak Collection features original artwork by 50 pioneering artists over and a century of published science fiction, horror, and fantasy.


These adventure and fantasy illustrations appeared on the covers of timeless novels such as the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs and classic pulp magazines from the 1930s through 1960s, such as Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Fantastic Adventures, and Wonder Stories. Featuring artwork for hardcover and paperback books by Robert E. Howard, L. Ron Hubbard, and Robert Heinlein, among others. Including images of mischievous satyrs, ethereal mermaids, and spell-casting witches, from Don Quixote and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to works by Edgar Allan Poe and H.G. Wells.

Carnival of Souls
Jaschik Álmos (Hungarian, 1885-1959)
Deathworld 2
James Avati (1912-2005)
Oil on canvas board
21 x 17"

Original cover illustration for paperback book Deathworld 2, written by Harry Harrison & published by Bantam Books, 1964.

"Jason din Alt was marooned on a planet where every man had to kill every other man- or live a slave!"
Le Morte d'Arthur
Aubrey Beardsley (British, 1872-1898)
Pen and ink
5 x 3"

Originally published in Le Morte d'Arthur by Thomas Malory, London: Dent, 1894, Book X, Chapter 19, "How Sir Lamorak Jousted with Sir Palomides, and Hurt Him Grievously”
The Army of the Dead
Wladyslaw T. Benda (Polish, 1873-1948)
Charcoal on paper
27 x 38”

The Army of the Dead is an unusual work for Benda, who rarely worked with outright fantastic themes. It was produced at the outbreak of World War I as a recruiting poster for the Polish army, and depicts a legendary Polish cavalry brigade. It appears, however, that it was deemed too extreme and grotesque by the commission, as no record exists of the poster having been produced.
Shadow Over Mars
Earle K. Bergey (American, 1901-1952)
Oil on canvas
26 x 18"

Startling Stories cover, Fall 1944
A Rose for Ecclesiastes
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Gouache on illustration board
11 x 16"

Originally appeared as wrap around cover of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" written by Roger Zelazny.

"Got carried away and designed it as if it were 11 x 16 feet, instead of inches. If it comes over as expected, it'll be a riot of reds and blue-greens, be as enamel-surfaced as a Dali original" -H. Bok
Hell's Angel
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Gouache on illustration board
11 x 15"
Marvel Science Fiction Cover
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Mixed media on illustration board
11 x 15"

Marvel Science Fiction magazine had many monthly contests for its readers to give titles to its cover illustrations, such as this one by Hannes Bok. Prizes were given to those with the top six title entries. The first prize included original manuscripts of the magazine's stories as well as pen and ink drawings of the authors. The second to sixth prize winners were given original artwork from the magazine.
Skull-face and Others
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Gouache on illustration board
6 x 8"

Originally published as book jacket for Skull-face and Others by Robert E. Howard, Arkham House, 1946. Many of Howard's stories originally appeared in Weird Tales magazine in the 1920s and 1930s.
Slaves of Sleep
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Mixed media on illustration board
10 x 16"

Book jacket illustration for Slaves of Sheep by L. Ron Hubbard, Shasta Publishers, Chicago, IL, 1948.

L. Ron Hubbard was well known as a science fiction writer of science fiction in the 1940s and 1950s. Today he is associated more with his book Dianetics and as the founder of Scientology. He first introduced "Dianetics: A New Science of the Mind" in the May 1940 issue of Astounding Science Fiction.
Oblivion Quest
Hannes Bok (1914-1964)
Pen and ink on paper
15 x 18.5"

Originally appeared in Super Science Stories magazine for Oblivion Quest written by Wilbur S. Peacock, Fictioneers, Inc., June 1951.

"On a blasted, dying Earth they molded Man's yesterdays- Three inhuman creatures, whose only tie to humanity was a deathless hatred for those who gave them birth!" -Super Science Stories describes Oblivion Quest
Hymn on Christ's Nativity
Franklin Booth (1874-1948)
Pen and ink with watercolor
8 x 11.5"

Illustration for Hymn on Christ's Nativity by John Milton. Published as frontispiece for later art book on Franklin Booth.
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